EU guidelines for the Product Safety Act are valid in all European states. The EU directive on "General Product Safety" (2001/95/EC) is implemented in German law through the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). We, as the manufacturer, must fulfil the safety requirements and laws of the ProdSG.

Using the example of the chaise longue, this is how the 3C Group implements the safety related legal requirements of risk assessment:

Each individual component is CE compliant. However, if all these CE compliant components are assembled together, it does not mean that all components are automatically CE compliant.

Our completed furniture items are therefore tested with all components assembled together in an accredited testing laboratory which tests for: 

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (radiation) 2014/30/EC)
  • Low Voltage Directive (electrical safety) 2014/35/EC
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC


Only after the successful completion of testing is the product said to be CE compliant and can be given a declaration of EC conformity !