We've all experienced this at some point: Creative kids playing at home and before you know it, there's a stain on your treasured upholstery. Not to worry: it is easy to remove even the most difficult stains, like ketchup, coffee or tea.


Using a dry cloth, remove the excess soiling. To remove the stain, use a clean and soft white cotton cloth and moisten it with some distilled water. 


Using a light circular motion carefully remove the stain with the cotton cloth. Following cleaning the stain will have vanished from the fabric.


Covering fabric Easy Care

✓ Fabric with a smooth surface
✓ Each individual yarn is coated with stain protection
✓ Suitable for everyday use and easy to care for



family care TECHNOLOGy

The Family-Care Fabrics are pre-treated using a special process.


This prevents stains from penetrating into the fibres of the fabric.


The soiling on the surface of the fabric is absorbed by the water.


The stain can then be simply removed using a clean cotton cloth.